Green antLower Limbs Weight-Bearing Exoskeleton

Help you move forward with weight and build a peaceful life

Green ant Lower Limbs Weight-ing Exoskeleton has good wearability, adaptability, comfort and strong load capacity. Wearing Green ant can easily carry a 100kg weight. The quick wearing time is less than 1min, and the quick release time is less than 10s. Through the mechanical structure, the total load is transferred to the ground, which has a good protective effect on the wearer's shoulders, waist, knees and ankles.

Target Users

Provide assistance for weight-bearing people to reduce the burden, allowing the wearer to "walk like the wind"

  • Emergency rescue

    Bearing support under high strength transportation task, reduce plantar pressure.
  • Outdoor sports

    For outdoor sports enthusiasts, make hiking and climbing easier.
  • Fieldwork

    Reduce fatigue caused by long-term weight-bearing walking and standing, and reduce the risk of knee injury.

Green antDesign begins with weight bearing and ends with protection

Green ant is a gift we give to outdoor personnel. It is our wish to protect the body's functions and reduce the risk of injury to the user's body joints.

Green antApplication Case