Application scenarios

  • Emergency rescue

    Long-term load-bearing support and assistive assistance for emergency rescuers during training and attendance.

  • Logistics handling

    The assistance of porters in logistics warehousing, airport consignment, and express sorting.

  • Manufacturing and assembly

    Assisting workers in the manufacturing and assembly of automobiles, ships, and heavy equipment.

  • Home Services

    Assist the elderly, people with inconvenience in legs and feet, and people with joint disease in daily walking, going up and down stairs and sitting up.

  • Technology Display

    Power-assisted walking experience and artificial intelligence display in physical human-computer interaction scenarios.

Basic functions

Company profile

MEBOTX Intelligence Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. is a science and technology enterprise providing the most advanced wearable robot equipment in the world, integrating R & D, production and sales. The company gathers high-end technical talents from many countries around the world to devote themselves to the technology research and development and achievement transformation of wearable exoskeleton robots, intelligent human-computer interaction, mobile robots and intelligent vision systems from a global perspective. The efficient integrated innovation capability provides a continuous driving force for the accumulation of the company's core technology, making MEBOTX a pioneer in the wearable exoskeleton robot industry.

Years of deep ploughing in the field of artificial intelligence technology has left us with a profound technical precipitation. While constantly challenging the limits of technology, we actively participate in the tide of international technology and product competition, and our products are exported to South Korea, Japan, Colombia and other countries and regions.

The corporate culture of building dreams and sharing has injected continuous vitality into the team, making every member of the MEBOTX family full of confidence in our products. Let everyone have their own set of exoskeleton is our desire, which is also the ultimate mission of MEBOTX.

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