Chebi Active waist assist exoskeleton

Get rid of the heaviness and make work as light as a swallow

Chebi active-assisted exoskeleton robots are an enhanced version of passive waist-assisted exoskeleton which add actuators to provide active waist-assistance. With the cooperation of intelligent human-computer interaction control algorithms and machine learning, it provides users with effective waist assistance, which protects their waist muscles while enhancing their weight-bearing capacity and improving the efficiency of handing heavy objects.

Heavy load assistance: The load capacity is more than 30kg
Dustproof and waterproof: Suitable for all kinds of harsh environments
Gait learning: Identify and match different users
Intensity classification: Suitable for different assisting occasions

Chebi handle operation, easy to use

Humanized button design

Reasonable button design, layout according to utilization

Suitable size

Comfortable to use, designed according to the palm curve

Easy to operate

Reduce the difficulty of user use. Connected to the machine to reduce the trouble of loss

ChebiIntensity classification, motion protection

The system has built-in multiple levels of assistance strength, users can choose the most comfortable assistance strength when facing objects of different weights; a reasonable assistance curve is designed according to the human body bending force characteristics, providing effective assistance for the entire lifting process and protection.