WaspPassive waist assist exoskeleton

"Battle Armor" is lightly loaded to help smart logistics

The outbreak of the e-commerce era has led to the rise of the logistics industry. The Wasp series exoskeleton allows people to perfectly couple with machines to complete operations. The energy storage unit collects and stores the gravitational potential energy of the human body in real time. It uses sensors to intelligently judge the physical information of the human body. Accurate energy release is performed during the process to realize power assistance and reduce the risk of psoas muscle injury during operation.

Target Users

Give humanity care to manual workers

  • Logistics workers

    The lumbar muscle protection during high-frequency reciprocating transportation provides a human-oriented work experience.
  • Assembler

    Assist in the completion of long-term assembly posture maintenance and relieve muscle soreness.
  • Emergency rescuers

    The load-bearing assistance under high-intensity transportation tasks can delay the fatigue in rescue.

WaspPerformance Index

Wasp is a gift we give to front-line workers and a right-hand man for business managers. It is our wish to protect the physical function of workers, reduce the employment risks of managers, and improve the operational efficiency of enterprises. Wasp, design begins with protection, and finally improves efficiency.

WaspCloud Data Analysis Platform

The platform records the real-time usage data of each wearer and analyze the user's habits and equipment conditions. It can realize the information connection between users, managers and the company, and realize the optimization of the labor load of the warehouse area.

WaspMobile APP

The app displays the number of times of bending, the length of use, the rate of body fatigue and the warning reminder, etc. The historical data information can be inquired. Managers can monitor the real-time working status of each worker in the background to facilitate enterprise management.

WaspPassive waist assist exoskeleton